«FerroBearings» – is an innovative plain bearing solution with an inner diameter of 300 mm to 6500 mm using a new antifriction iron-based material (AFIM). Our solution exceeds the well-known sliding and rolling bearings in terms of its performance properties. It does not contain a significant amount of deficient and environmentally harmful components. The innovation is based on a unique antifriction iron-based alloy and a patented bearing design.

«FerroBearings» have several advantages over analogues:


The production cost of our bearings is 30-50% cheaper than analogues. At the same time, our products have high performance characteristics, taking into account specific operating conditions.


The life time of our bearings exceeds the analogs 3-5 times. This is ensured by the resistance to high loads, by high sliding speeds and high strength. They do not afraid bumps. The reliability of the bearings is confirmed by test reports.


Our technology saves non-ferrous metals and electricity, reduces CO2 emissions level and pollutants emissions level (arsenic, copper, lead, indium, antimony, cadmium, selenium, nickel, tin, etc.), which adversely affect the environment and health of people.


The company can introduce a new type of the bearing into production within 3-4 days. We can introduce our innovative technology of bearing and spare parts production within 1-2 months in other enterprises, if they have a casting site and/or machining.



We offer innovative highest quality bearings with increased temperature characteristics provided by our patented alloy. They withstand the extreme operating conditions of metallurgical production (high and constant shock loads, high temperatures). They are able to resist pollution (abrasive dust), reduced efficiency of industrial metallurgical equipment and its downtime.

Our bearings can be used in a wide range of metallurgical equipment:
  • converters;
  • rectifiers;
  • support rolls;
  • work rolls;
  • reducers;
  • rolling mills;
  • drawing mills;
  • installations for continuous casting;
  • a lifting and turning stand;
  • a run-out roller table.

Our bearings are used in the process of mining and lifting the ore to the surface in a dusty and polluted environment, where a misalignment of the equipment is met often. They are able to cope easily with shock loads, high vibrations and to resist dirt. That ensures the fulfillment of strict equipment requirements, its efficient operation and reduces wear.

Our bearings are suitable for a wide range of mine equipment:
  • fans;
  • cutting heads;
  • crushers;
  • mills;
  • movement mechanisms;
  • mine trolley;
  • crawler track systems;
  • conveyor systems;
  • conveyor tracks;
  • working stands;
  • ore transfer mechanisms;
  • and lid movement mechanisms.

Our bearings are suitable to be used in existing kinds of products and equipment and to invent their new kinds for various type of enterprises and industries:
  • machine building;
  • power engineering;
  • building;
  • agriculture;
  • automotive industry;
  • motorized equipment;
  • railway transport;
  • industrial equipment.


The following tests of new material have been completed at industrial enterprises, and positive conclusions have been received:

Bushings of the pulling mechanism of a valve lifting drive during the preventive maintenance on a 250-1 Small Section Mill.

Industrial tests of bushings, made of the antifriction alloy AFIM, was carried out at JSC “Arcelor Mittal Kryvyi Rih”. The bushings were installed on the stripper crane during the preventive maintenance of the 250-1 Small Section Mill. They were installed into the pulling mechanism of a valve lifting drive (a double-arm lever of a nipper). They were in operation for 110 days. The test results of AFIM parts were recognized by the commission as satisfactory, because previously used steel bushings, made of the alloy originally named “AChS-1”, had a much greater thickness wear after 120 days of operation. The commission recognized as advisable to use the antifriction alloy AFIM in all the “friction points” of the pincers control mechanism, since the service life of friction parts increases by an average of 4 times.

Supporting sleeves of the EST-3.5 loading and unloading machine

Representatives of the enterprise have dismantled the unit, and they have inspected the state of the experimental sliding sleeves after the completion of their operating time. These sleeves were made of a new antifriction material (AFIM) in an amount of two pieces, and they were installed in the drive rear axle assembly of the EST-3.5 loading and transporting machine of the “Rodina” mine. The examination of the experimental parts was done after the completion of their operating time. During the examination, there were not found any wear, scoring, deformation on the working surface of the sleeves. The result of geometric measurements of experimental parts has been recorded in the commission act. The conclusion of the commission confirmed the expediency of using the AFIM products in all support units of loading and delivery machines in the working conditions of PJSC “Krivoj Rog’s Iron-Ore Combine”. This conclusion was done on the basis of a fact, that the operating time of parts increases on average by 4 times.

Boring bar bushings of the machine tool (Producer: NАТКО Сompany).
Bushings of a double-action crank press (Producer: Spirtz Company)
Bushing of the clutch and thrust bearing of the crank press (Producer: Weingarten Company).

Parts, made of the antifriction alloy AFIM, were tested and inspected on the operating production lines of the PJSC “GAZ” in order to determine its operability.
The following conclusions were made on the basis of test results:
1. The material replacement for a number of heavy-loaded parts of industrial equipment (working in sliding friction pairs) with the antifriction alloy AFIM ensures the necessary performance of these parts and in some cases significantly increases it.
2. The producing of castings made of the antifriction alloy AFIM and their machining by cutting does not cause any difficulty.
3. The anti-friction alloy AFIM can be recommended for the replacement of scarce and expensive bronzes and other materials for a certain nomenclature of parts in case of equipment repairing.

Support pads of the sintering machine..

Industrial tests on the support inserts of the sinter breaker were carried out in the agglomeration shop. Eight AFIM experimental inserts were installed in the support unit of the sinter breaker during its preventive maintenance, as evidenced by the act of installing the parts. The AFIM experimental inserts worked for 3 months by the time of commission inspection. As a result of the inspection, the wear of the liners was found not significant. The conclusion of the commission confirmed the suitability of the new material (AFIM) for operation in the conditions of the agglomeration shop.

Support rolls bushings of a moving grate.

Industrial tests of AFIM parts were successfully carried out on the technological equipment of the pellet production shop. The support rolls bushings of a moving grate were the object of testing.

As the preventive maintenance was carried out, the rollers were dismantled and the AFIM bushings were inspected. The Commission found the following:

  1. There were no problems during the operation of the experimental bushings;
  2. The bushings have uniform wear throughout the circumference;
  3. There is no lubricant;
  4. The state of bushings and the counterbody (axis) is satisfactory;

The bushings worked for 13 months. The nominal life of the bushings, made of bronze CuSn5Zn5Pb5-C, is 12 months.

Sleeves of the adjusting idler wheel of the caterpillar chassis of the EKG-8I quarry excavator.

Industrial tests of the adjusting idler wheel sleeves of the caterpillar chassis of the ECG-8I quarry excavator have began at Petrovsky quarry. Inspection and measurement of the geometrical parameters of the experimental part and the part made of the traditional material (bronze CuAl8Fe3) was carried out after a month and a half of the excavator’s work. This fact is evidenced by the commission inspection certificate. The inspection and measurements on the AFIM sleeve and the bronze sleeve revealed, that the sleeve made of bronze CuAl8Fe3 has a diameter wear three times greater than the AFIM sleeve.

Upper/lower inserts of the counterweight rear rack in the rocking mechanism of the swing table, that belongs to the trio-rolling mill.

Industrial tests of the AFIM parts were successfully carried out on the rolling equipment. The objects for testing were the upper/lower inserts of the counterweight rear rack in the rocking mechanism of the swing table, that belongs to the trio-rolling mill.

During the preventive maintenance of the 2300-mill, the unit was dismantled and the inserts inspected. It was revealed as a result of inspection, that the coupled sliding friction surface is in a satisfactory state. There is no wear on the surface of the inserts. The inserts worked during 5 months. The determined life of the inserts, made of bronze alloy named “Br.AZh-9-4l”, is 6 months. The commission recognized as advisable to use AFIM parts in all units, mechanisms and assemblies.
The contract for the AFIM parts supply was signed as a result of successful industrial tests, conducted on the rolling equipment of the enterprise of PJSC “Donetsk Metallurgical Plant”.

The subject of the contract is the ordering of supporting bushings, made of AFIM ,for grab’s cable transmission blocks of a grab crane.

Bushings and pushers of the crank group repair sets of the pumping station SNT32.
Rings in the repair kits of the plunger group of the hydraulic unit.

The industrial tests of the upgraded repair kit for the crank group and a group of hydraulic unit (plunger) for the pump station SNT32 with parts made of the antifriction alloy AFIM were tested at the mine.

The following conclusions were made on the basis of test results:

1. The use of the antifriction alloy AFIM instead of bronze CuSn5Zn5Pb5-C provides higher efficiency for a number of parts of the plunger group of the hydraulic unit and the group of the pusher unit included in the repair kits, and improves the reliability of the pump station SNT32 in the mine.
2. Changing of the design of a number of parts in the pump station SNT32, including the replacement of rolling bearings in pushers for sliding bearings with a sleeve made of antifriction alloy AFIM and the improvement of the connecting rod eyes, ensures the high availability of the upgraded repair kit of the crank group and the normal operation of the pump station SNT32 in the regular mode for longer time than similar factory-built stations.
3. The use of the upgraded r plunger group repair kit with parts made of the AFIM resulted in a significant reduction in the loss of working fluid as a result of its leakage on the hydraulic unit. Also the use eliminated the frequent replacement of the rubber seals on the plungers. Previously the replacement was on the daily basis. All these things together significantly increases the efficiency of the pump station operation.
4. The use of upgraded repair kits with parts made of the new antifriction alloy AFIM ensures the normal operation of the pump station SNT32 in the mine, and it significantly increases the working life of the station itself.

Gears of the drive unit for the oil pump of the ZMZ-406.10 engine

The pair of gears made of the antifriction alloy AFIM was tested at the PJSC “Zavolzhsky Motor Plant”. The similar gears are made of cast iron VC75 and VC65 as a standard version at the PJSP “Volga Automobile Plant”.

The antifriction alloy AFIM was tested in a cast state (without heat treatment) at the test bench with engine crankshaft RPM n = 6000 min -1 under lubrication by spraying.
The test time for continuous operation of the gears pair was 220 hours. The teeth wear along the thickness was 36-44 μm.

In similar conditions, the wear of gear teeth made of cast iron VC75 (without nitriding) was 26-28 microns. The cast iron VCH75 was delivered in a normalized state.
On the basis of test results , the conclusion was formed, that the gears made of the antifriction alloy AFIM passed the test on a non-motorized test bench.

In May 2018, the FerroBearings project of Symvol Company became the winner of Climate Innovation Vouchers Program that is implemented by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and is financed by the EU Neighbourhood Investment Facility (NIF) under the FINTECC program (Finance and Technology Transfer Centre for Climate Change).
The experts’ high scores of the FerroBearings project are due to its global impact on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, resource- and energy-efficiency. Replacing the bearings made of non-ferrous alloys with FerroBearings on a global scale will reduce CO2 emissions for about 8.8 million tons per year.


Since 2010 casting company «Symbol» specializes on the production of cast iron and steel castings, innovative bearings named «FerroBearings», as well as on the development of innovative high-strength alloys for the production of parts and components used in the mining industry, metallurgy, engineering industry, energy.

Production facilities of the enterprise allow to produce more than 500 tons of finished casting products per year. Our clients are PJSC “ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih”, PJSC “Southern Mining Factory”, PJSC “Krivyi Rih’s Iron-Ore Combine”, OJSC “Poltava Mining And Processing Plant”, PJSC “Turbov’s Kaolin Plant” and others.

The casting company «Symbol» uses a technology of casting in sand molds with cold-hardening mixtures (CHM).
This technology allows to reduce significantly the scope of machining castings due to high quality of machining, surface cleanliness and geometric accuracy. Specialists of the company developed a technology of castings production made of high-alloy wear-resistant and heat-resistant cast irons, as well as a casting technology with typical materials (carbon steels, gray cast irons, etc).

Two melting units are the main capacity indicators of the enterprise:

  • Induction crucible furnace IST-0.16, with a capacity of 160 kg;
  • Induction crucible furnace IST-0.4, with a capacity of 400 kg.

The casting production of the enterprise has a following structure:

  • The metallurgical rigging workshop (3 buckets: bucket Q-500 kg with traverse and with manual drive, bucket Q-180 kg with manual drive, bucket Q-50 kg with manual drive);
  • The shape-casting workshop (tables for pouring, conveyor molding line, 2 mixers for cold-hardening mixtures, knockout grate with drive unit, vibrating tables, polygonal screen with drive unit, etc.);
  • The site of centrifugal casting (2 machines of centrifugal casting);
  • The section of heat treatment (annealing furnace);
  • The section with the preparation of castings for machining (a universal two-door shot-blasting chamber for batch operation mod.42834-01, 50.1 kW, with two shot blasting machines mod. 42115).

The enterprise is equipped with a modern laboratory, which allows to perform chemical and metallographic analysis of alloys, including high-alloy steels and iron-based antifriction materials.

The company produces “FerroBearings” – an innovative bearings. They are based on a patented design and unique iron-based antifriction material developed by our company. In the performance characteristics, these bearings are superior to other bearings made of traditional bronze alloys, brass, antifriction composites (like babbitts, cast irons, nichromes), copper-manganese damping alloys, high nickel alloys, niresist, alloys with reduced permeability (Nomag), and others.

The specialists with more than 20 years of experience are working in the project team. They were working at the specialized enterprises, such as Scientific and Production Association “Uglemechanizatsiya” (the city of Luhansk, Ukraine), the State Enterprise “Malyshev Plant” (the city of Kharkov, Ukraine), OJSC “Luhanskteplovoz” (the city of Luhansk, Ukraine). Our enterprise cooperates with a number of scientific research institutes to develop new types of iron basis alloys.

In 2015, the company “Symbol” won a tender and successfully completed the R&D project in techniques for the production of new cast composite materials made of chromium, zirconium and niobium. This project was done for the Institute for Problems of Materials Science named after I.M. Frantsewich of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

In 2017, we developed individual parts of antifriction alloys for rocket and space technology. We did it for the State Enterprise «Production Association “Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant named after A.M. Makarov”» (also known as «Yuzhmash»).


ВYou may fill out the form of the preliminary application for the supply or introduction of our technology in your company.  We are ready to supply samples of our products for new customers, with payment after use for an agreed period of time.


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