Art and decorative casting

Our specialists had developed technology for making castings from high-alloy wear-resistant cast irons, whereby company produces high quality products. The presence of a all-purpose system for production preparation allows to master new types of products in the shortest possible time and fulfill various orders for casting.

Our capabilities and experience

We have experience in manufacturing such parts as:

  • various case parts: casings of pumps, servomotors, valve bodies, reduction gears, crankcases, gate valves, etc.;
  • parts of slip bearing units (casings of bearings, bushings, liners, guide strips, thrust bearings, slip discs, lead screw nuts, etc.);
  • parts of rolling bearing units (casings, bearing caps, etc.);
  • spare parts for furnaces and boilers (grates, doors, etc.);
  • spare parts for shut-off valves (bends, valve bodies and cranes, etc.);
  • spare parts for tracked vehicles (tracks, track links, bushings and slip liners);
  • pulleys, slides, wheels, rollers, pinion crowns, linings, axle bearing;
  • spare parts for shot blasting equipment (blades, protection);
  • spare parts for concrete and mortar mixers (SB-138, SB-146, BSM-500, Elba, Teka, Liebherr, Stetter, Simem, Baukema, Sicoma, Elkon, Meka, Almix, etc.): casings, linings, blades, scrapers and many more.

Our company provides manufacture of castings from steels and cast irons of the following material grades:

  • gray cast iron;
  • heat-resistant (hardwearing) cast iron;
  • antifriction cast irons;
  • high-strength nodular cast irons.
  • technical cast irons for highly loaded nodes of brake pads for aircraft, locomotives, heavy equipment:
  • bimetallic cast iron;
  • carbon and alloy steels and others alloys;
  • wear-resistant steels: Hadfield steel (mangalloy), etc.

Weight of produced castings from 0.5 to 1000 kg.

If you are interested in our services in manufacturing products from cast iron and steel by casting then for joint cooperation with our company on the procurement of products we ask you to provide nomenclature, drawings, models or samples of parts, which may be in demand at your enterprise.