“FerroBearings” LLC is official representative of “Foundry “Symbol” LLC (Kyiv, Ukraine) in USA.

“Foundry “Symbol” LLC is steadily developing company with highly qualified specialists employees. Company specialise in metal casting production of cast iron and steels of various grades.

Our company uses technology of sand molded casting (with binders made of cold-hardening mixtures). Such technology allows to significantly reduce the amount of mechanical processing of castings due to high quality of surface and geometric precision. Because of this we produce high quality castings.

One of the directions of production is manufacture of parts for plain bearings made of new anti-friction materials.

“Foundry “Symbol” LLC produces a wide range of cast iron and steel castings of various brands and configurations according to customer drawings. Weight of produced castings – from 0.5 to 1000 kg.

The plant’s specialists have developed a technology of making castings from highly alloyed hardwearing and heat-resistant cast iron; also they have developed casting technology for standard materials (carbon steels, gray cast irons, etc). Because of this our company produces high quality products. The presence of all-purpose system of production preparation allows us to master new types of products in the shortest possible time and fulfill various orders for casting.

Our company produces castings from the following material grades:

  • gray cast iron;
  • heat-resistant (hardwearing) cast iron;
  • high-strength nodular cast irons;
  • technical cast irons for highly loaded nodes of brake pads for aircraft, locomotives, heavy equipment:
    • bimetallic cast iron;
    • antifriction cast irons;
  • carbon and alloy steels and others alloys;
  • wear-resistant steels: Hadfield steel (mangalloy).

To order our products, you need to provide a drawing, model or sample part. 

We will consider all proposals.