Plain bearings

One of types of manufacture is production of parts for plain bearings (bushings, liners, thrust bearings, slip discs, guide strips, lead screw nuts, etc.) under trademark FerroBearings.

FerroBearings – innovative solution to sleeve bearing with inner diameter from 100 to 3000 mm with usage of new iron-based antifriction material ACHM200. Our solution outperforms well-known plain and rolling bearings in terms of operational properties; also it doesn’t contain significant amounts of deficient and environmentally harmful components. This solution is based on unique anti-friction iron-based alloy and patented bearing design.

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These products are made by casting from new anti-friction material ACHM200 (АЧМ200) in accordance to ТУ У 24.1-40340699-001:2020.

We use two methods of casting to produce sliding parts:

  • sand casting (forms made of cold-hardening mixtures);
  • centrifugal casting.

ACHM200 – is iron-based antifriction material, designed by our company with usage of advanced technology. Those materials are used for plain bearings producing and outperforms bronze alloys, brasses, babbitt metals, cast irons, nichrome, copper-manganese damping alloys, alloys with a high nickel content of the “ni-rezist” type, alloys with a low magnetic permeability of the “nomag” type and others in terms of operational properties

New antifriction alloy (ACHM200) is supposed to be used in sliding friction pairs (with or without lubrication) with reciprocating or rotary movements, with speed of sliding up to 20 m/sec and pressure up to 250 MPa. ACHM200 is highly alloyed material with pearlite or bainite structure of metal matrix; it’s antifriction properties are determined by the amount, shape and size of free graphite grains. This is non-magnetic alloy; it does not produce sparks and works in temperature up to 500 degrees Celsius; could work in friction units, which are poorly protected from the abrasive environment.

ACHM200 could replace traditional anti-friction materials (bronze alloys, brasses, composites,  antifriction cast irons,”ni-rezist” type cast irons, copper-manganese damping alloys), surpassing them by generalized composite indicator “PV” five to six times. It does not spread onto counterbody surfaces even without lubrication. There were designed plain bearings, based of ACHM200, which could successfully replace traditional rolling bearings.

Advantages of ACHM200 in bearings


The service life of our bearings is 3-5 times longer than the analogues. This is ensured by resistance to high loads, high sliding speeds and high strength (material is impact-proof). Bearings reliability is proven by test reports.


Our technology saves non-ferrous metals and electricity, reduces levels of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere together with emissions of other pollutants (arsenic, copper, lead, indium, antimony, cadmium, selenium, nickel, tin, etc.), which are negatively affecting environment and human health.


The cost of production of our bearings is 30-50% cheaper than analogues. At the same time, our products have high performance characteristics with considering specific operating conditions.


The company can introduce a new type of bearing into production within 5-7 days. We can implement our innovative technology for the production of bearings and spare parts in other facilities (where there is a casting and / or machining section) within 1-3 months.

We offer innovative bearings of the highest quality with increased temperature characteristics, which are backed by our patented alloy. They withstand the extreme working conditions of the metallurgical industry (high and constant impact loads, high temperatures). They are able to withstand dirty environments (abrasive dust), decrease in efficiency of industrial metallurgical equipment and it’s downtime.

ACHM200-made parts passed successful industrial tests at more than 20 largest enterprises of automotive manufacturing, machine tool manufacturing, mechanical engineering, metallurgical, mining and processing enterprises, military industry enterprises in Russia and Ukraine, etc.

Documents (test reports of parts), which confirms high performance of the ACHM200 material, are available.

The usage of parts, made of ACHM200 material, is possible in all sliding friction units, for example, such as:

  • Mining industry and crushing/grinding equipment:
    • bushings, spacers, slip liners for career hydraulic excavators, bucket-wheel excavator, dragline excavators;
    • bushings, slip liners for drilling equipment for quarries and mines; 
    • supporting bushings for drive wheels of self-propelled mining mechanisms;
    • bushings, liners, thrust bearings, discs for cone grinders > bushing kit: cylindrical, conical, thrust bearing, for front and rear drive shafts;
    • slip liners for grinders;
    • support liners for rolls of roller crushers;
    • support liners for grinder mills, etc.
  • Metallurgical industry:
    • liners and bushings for roll stands of rolling mills;
    • shoulder levers bushings for gripping ends of stripping сranes;
    • liners for guillotine shears, etc.
  • Machine tools producing, forging and stamping equipment:
    • bushings for master cylinders of horizontal and vertical hydraulic presses;
    • bushings, guide strips for forging and stamping equipment of various types;
    • lead screw nuts for screw gears of machine tools, etc.;
  • Automobile, railroad, tracked transport:
    • slip liners for axial motor bearings of various types for railway traction locomotives;
    • pivot bushings for heavy road vehicles;
    • support bushings for pneumatic wheels of road vehicles;
    • crankshaft liners;
    • slip bushings for support, tension and drive wheels of caterpillar-moving vehicles, etc.;
  • Power equipment:
    • slip bushings for impellers for hydraulic turbines of various types;
    • slip bushings for servomotors;
    • lead screw bushings for gate valves;
    • support bushings for shafts of pumping equipment;
    • support bushings for rotors of blowers and smoke exhausters;
    • bushings and liners for compression and turbocompression equipment;
    • slip liners for axial motor bearings of electric motors and generators, etc.
  • Lifting and transporting machines:
    • block bushings for rope transmission of handling equipment;
    • bushings for support rollers of belt conveyors;
    • support bushings for gearboxes;
    • support bushings for sprockets of apron conveyors and feeders, etc.
  • Other equipment.


Our company produces wide range of iron and steel castings of various configurations according to customer drawings.